Just saying those words (My Spitfire) has resided with us for a while now. We all at Royal Horse Aviation started this project with dedication and love of the Legendary Spitfire beating deep in our hearts, this iconic aircraft , loved the world over has never been an easy asset to acquire .

Our Spitfire brings history and technology together without compromising any part that captures the essence of  what makes a Spitfire a Spitfire.

In the last few months we have been inundated with questions about the project so we decided to gladly answer some of your questions  and share our vision for the future of  Royal Horse Aviation.


First of our spitfire is 100% scale and will have the option as a single or tandem 2 seat aircraft. The aircraft was structurally designed from beginning to fly with a Merlin V12 .
With endless space in cowling you have just about all options available to fit a Turboprop of your choice up to 1500 Hp
Why Turboprop?
One of the reasons we are giving both options is that the majority of pilots want  an easier to operate and fly version of the spitfire . It  will require no ground crew and be an amazing touring, weekend away aircraft that will still have all the flight characteristics of a spitfire .

Operation cost is significantly lower and factoring in the reliability and great safety measures that a turboprop provides,  we are giving the second option for the modern aviator. 


We are planning on flying our first prototype in second quarter of 2021,a more exact date will be given early in 2021.


How much?  
As requests and enquiries are growing massively since the monthly newsletter was launched we have decided to give our clients the option of reserving your slot for your aircraft . A deposit of $5000 ensuring your aircraft, there will be 10 slots available starting 2021. The price of a full aircraft will be in the range of $900 000 to $1 100 000 depending on the layout extras and power plant you select.


Available to everyone?
These aircraft will only be sold to the exclusive/experienced pilot that meets our company requirements for this aircraft.
The Aircraft will only be built in very limited numbers.