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Satisfying the modern-day aviator takes a great deal of attention and effort. That’s why we have simplified all systems to optimize flight safety, efficiency, and have cut down on pilot workload-- making the plane easy to fly for all pilots. 


Every aspect of this aircraft has been designed with safety in mind. Whether taxiing, flying or preparing to land--its full carbon-fiber infused body and highest quality aviation steel insures peak performance--being both lightweight and durable. 


The firewall is designed to accommodate a variety of engines according to preference. These include the GE Turboprop, Vintage V12 Merlin or RH 750 naturally aspirated V12 engine. The RH 750 has been specially developed for the aircraft.


The cockpit can also be customized to preference; the Spitfire has a built-in single and two-seater configuration depending upon request. Our design delicately balances the look and feel of the classic models with modern day technology--resulting in no loss to its historic impression. The aircraft has been rated for military and aerobatic training a 9G+ and 6G-with 100% safety margin, ensuring your ultimate flying experience. 


The entire aircraft has been painstakingly designed to the size and specs of the original Spitfire, thus giving a 100% complete realistic Spitfire. 


Start Your Engine.



Spitfire MK IX

Power Plant

Options between Merlin or Turbine (600hp-1,200hp). In Development: New V12, 700hp naturally assperated


single and two seater

Wing span

36 ft 10 in

Length Overall

31 ft 3.5 in

Height Overall

Wing Area

11 ft 5.5 in

242.0 sqft

Weight Empty


Maximum Overload

1.7 tons

Maximum Speed

720 km/h

Cruise Speed


Initial climb


4,000 ft/min

3,000km (7hr Range)

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