Welcome Aboard

Satisfying the modern-day aviator takes a great deal of attention and effort. That’s why we have simplified all systems to optimize flight safety, efficiency, and have cut down on pilot workload-- making the plane easy to fly for all pilots. 


Every aspect of this aircraft has been designed with safety in mind. Whether taxiing, flying or preparing to land--its full carbon-fiber infused body and highest quality aviation steel insures peak performance--being both lightweight and durable. 


The firewall is designed to accommodate a variety of engines according to preference. These include the GE Turboprop and Vintage V12 Merlin .


The cockpit can also be customized to preference; the Spitfire has a built-in single and two-seater configuration depending upon request. Our design delicately balances the look and feel of the classic models with modern day technology--resulting in no loss to its historic impression. The aircraft has been rated for military and aerobatic training a 9G+ and 6G-


The entire aircraft has been painstakingly designed to the size and specs of the original Spitfire, thus giving a 100% complete realistic Spitfire. 


Start Your Engine.